Right to water


Anna Caballero has a proven record protecting our water resources. Anna has served our community for thirty years, as Mayor of Salinas, Assemblywoman and Cabinet Secretary for Governor Jerry Brown. She worked on water issues at the local and state level and understands the need for balance between urban and rural water needs. She understands our district feeds the country and water quality and availability is crucial to the local economy.

Anna Caballero believes our first priority must always be clean drinking water for every family. During California’s historic drought, water availability has become even more important. Investing in water infrastructure to conserve, store, clean, recycle and reuse storm water and wastewater is critical. Anna wants to use new technology and the best research to ensure all communities have the highest water quality available.

Anna Caballero worked on a bi-partisan committee to solve our water problems. Anna was the co-author of a statewide bond passed by the legislature. The Bond provided money for improvements to the delta, water storage, conservation, cleaning contaminated water, water recycling and desalination and watershed improvements. Anna is the leader we need working for us in Sacramento.



Anna Caballero knows we need good schools to help break the cycle of poverty. As an Assemblywoman in 2010, Anna signed a pledge to prevent any further cuts to education. She also voted to restore over $11.2 billion in funding owed to schools and community colleges. Anna expanded access to Kindergarten and wants to further expand access to early childhood education for low-income children.

Anna Caballero is a strong supporter of our kids and schools As Mayor, Anna helped save library funding and created programs to reduce childhood asthma rates. As a Member of the Assembly, she signed a pledge to prevent more school cuts and secured funding to fix schools contaminated with mold and asbestos. We can always count on Anna to protect public schools.

Anna has supported every legislative initiative that supports Dreamers and their access to education, including financial aid to support higher education for Dreamers.

Homelessness and Poverty


Anna Caballero wants to end poverty and homelessness. Through her work with Governor Jerry Brown, Anna helped make housing more affordable for veterans and working families across California. As our Assemblymember she passed the Housing and Emergency Shelter Trust Fund Act, allocating $300 million for affordable housing and transportation. She also passed a bill allocating $200 million in Park Bonds and incentivizing cities to build affordable housing. But she knows we have so much more to do to help low-income families be successful. Anna wants to expand the affordable housing programs to more veterans and families and provide subsidies for more people to attend community college and increase their earning power.

Anna always stands with hard-working families. Civil rights icon and Labor leader Dolores Huerta praised Anna as a hard-working public servant who has dedicated her career to improving the lives of others. Anna provided legal assistance to farmworkers in need of fair representation. In the Assembly, she passed a bill streamlining the creation of farmworker housing and took a 10% pay-cut in her Assembly salary in order to show solidarity with other government workers whose salaries were being cut. And as Mayor and Assemblywoman, Anna brought people together to turn our budget shortfall into a surplus, helping our Veterans find an affordable place to call home, driving violent crime to an all-time low.