Anna spent 19 years in the public school system in California and in the end graduated with a law degree from UCLA. Anna knows the value of a good public school education, and that’s why she is a dedicated supporter and has visited over 200 classrooms to encourage students to work hard and dream big. Through her many years of public service, Anna has helped to rebuild crumbling schools, saved libraries from closing, has pledged to prevent further cuts by the state to local schools, expanded access to kindergarten, supported vocational education and voted to extend state student aid to undocumented immigrants who have filed for legal residency. Through MANA, an Association of Mexican American women, she raised scholarship money for young women continuing onto higher education, and as a Rotary member has done the same. Anna will always support our kids, teachers and public education.

Gang Violence-Crime

Anna Caballero works with first responders to protect our families. Anna started Partners for Peace, a non-profit dedicated to developing effective violence prevention strategies by focusing on literacy, early childhood education and strengthening families and children. Anna convened a select committee on youth violence prevention and held hearings all over the state to examine the issues facing cities and rural communities, and the best practices being utilized to reduce crime. Anna also authored a bill that would have exposed parents and other adults to criminal charges if they recruited minors to join a gang, and she helped to secure millions of state funding for gang violence prevention programs. She was awarded the Crime Fighter Award from Fight Crime: Invest in Kids California and Legislator of the Year Award from the California State Sheriff's Association. When Anna was Mayor of Salinas, violent crime reached an all-time low. Keeping kids and communities safe is one of Anna’s highest priorities. 

Anna supports law abiding citizens right to own a gun. But she also supports common-sense reforms to prevent more violence on our streets, such as a ban on military-style assault weapons, a ban on bump stock firing devices and prohibiting people on the no-fly list from buying a gun. As our next State Senator, Anna will work to fun anti-gang violence programs and put more officers on our streets.

Affordable Housing

Creating housing opportunities for families of all income levels is a passion of Anna’s. While on the Salinas City Council she championed an innovative first time home buyers program, a progressive inclusionary housing ordinance, and helped to develop over 2000 affordable housing units in the city. As the Secretary of the Business, Consumer Services and Housing Agency under Governor Jerry Brown, Anna worked to distribute 65 million dollars to reduce veteran homelessness, and to create opportunities for disabled veterans to have housing that is accessible and where they can lead independent lives. Anna worked to establish new funding for affordable housing and community sustainability projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and was an advocate for the inclusion of rural communities in the grant process. Governor Brown said Anna Caballero served, “with distinction and a real sense of public service.” Anna was honored by the League of California Cities Past Presidents in 2015 who awarded her the “Lifetime Achievement Award” for her significant and unique contribution to the state or community over an extended period of years.


Anna has lived in a farming community for over thirty years and understands the importance of water to our economy as well as our families and our health. That’s why she has worked to improve local access to water and protect our water quality. During the drought years she traveled throughout the state to learn about regional water issues and to support farm workers, farmers and small business owners who were affected by the lack of water. She was the co-author of the 2010 water bond legislation entitled “Safe, Clean and Reliable Drinking Water Supply Act of 2010” and worked with Republican colleagues to get the necessary 2/3 votes needed to pass in the legislature. She was on the bipartisan/bicameral committee that wrote and she voted for a series of bills to create a statewide ground water monitoring program, a statewide conservation program, a commitment to improve the delta water supply and restore the ecosystem and to stop illegal water diversions. The American Society of Civil Engineers and the California Water Agencies honored Anna in 2010 for her commitment to improving California’s water system.


When Anna was a cabinet secretary, the state Agency she oversaw made it easier for small businesses owned by disabled Veteran’s to get state contracts. She ensured that $65 million dollars to reduce veteran homelessness was allocated efficiently statewide. She also helped veterans and their families have access to affordable, stable housing as well as counseling, health clinics, disability benefit advocacy and family and childcare services. She is proud to have helped nearly 700 returning veterans and their families find housing in our area. Anna supported the Vietnam Veterans Park and Memorial in Salinas, voted to allocate city resources to build it and has attended the ceremony held there every Veterans Day since the memorial was created over 20 years ago. As a member of Governor Brown’s cabinet she expedited state approvals for the Veterans Cemetery in Monterey County. In the State Senate Anna will expand the affordable housing programs to more veterans and their families. And, working with local veteran’s organizations, she will provide subsidies for more service members to attend community colleges as well as four-year colleges to increase
their earning power. Anna will always be there for our veterans.

Women and Equality

As the first female Mayor of Salinas and the highest-ranking Latina in the Brown administration at the end of her service, Anna has been a trailblazer for women’s right and equal pay for equal work. She received a 100% rating from Planned Parenthood for every year she was in the Assembly. She was given an Award of Excellence by the California State Commission on the Status of Women and the Monterey County Commission on the Status of Women. She has been recognized by the Salinas Valley Chamber of Commerce earning the “Athena” award for her commitment to community service.



As a mother and grandmother, Anna was heartbroken to see children separated from their parents. In the Assembly, she voted to make California a sanctuary state to try and prevent this from happening.


Immigrant families are the backbone of our rural economy.  We need to keep families together and provide a path to citizenship for those who contribute to our communities. She will fight to protect Dreamers and ensure our local economy has the workforce it needs.


She believes everyone should have a voice in our government and will bring people together to solve problems. Anna will fight for all of us.


Anna supports building medical schools UC Merced and Fresno State University as a way to bring doctors to the Valley communities. She understands when a person has to drive hours to a hospital or to see a specialist, it puts their health in jeopardy. Increasing access to healthcare for everyone in the Salinas and Central Valley is a priority for Anna. Anna will focus on prevention through early intervention clinics and consider options to reduce the cost on working families. Anna understands we must provide real care for families who rely on emergency rooms for their primary healthcare needs. Anna has dedicated her life to helping people lead better lives. She has worked with people across central California as the first female Mayor of Salinas, Assemblymember and member of Governor Jerry Brown’s Cabinet. As our next State Senator, Anna is committed to fighting to improve healthcare.